Central Care Pharmacy brings a new approach to patient care and service by combining traditional and alternative medicine protocols into integrative disease management and wellness solutions.

At Central Care every patient is treated with compassion and respect and receives unparalleled service at competitive pricing. We provide confidential delivery, personalized care, and quick nation-wide shipping for all your medication needs.

We deliver specialized services such as medication therapy management (MTM), health screenings, educational presentations, reflexology as well as compounding, immunization, emergency contraception, etc. Our specialties include hepatitis, HIV, oncology, diabetes, and women's health, above and beyond standard, established pharmaceutical practices.

Central Care offers an extensive line of homeopathy products and counseling, available by appointment with our practitioners who are extensively trained in the United States and abroad. Our pharmacy environment is a Zen-like setting where you may relax -- listening to soothing music in a massage chair while sipping your espresso, cappuccino or café macchiato.
Open: MON - THU 9:30-5:30, FRI 9:30-4:00